The Premise...

  • ***Make no craft purchases December 1, 2010 to November 30 2011
  • ***Use and create from existing supplies only
  • ***Small purchases to continue crafting (such as sewing needles) are acceptable
  • ***Trading items with others is legitimate since there's no net gain

Friday, May 20, 2011


Pretty much free to quilt starting this weekend. Except....there's PLANTS TO PLANT! Gaaaaaaah! That should only take a day or so. The hubby needs to go pick up a truckload or two of dirt to fill the raised box he made me last week. The whole week was just too darn busy to get it in there!

Got some tomatoes and peppers planted before the nice rains last week, so they seem to be happy. Have plans to plant cukes, kale, spring mix salad, and pumpkins. I'm sure we'll have room for others as well.

I hope our peach tree produces this year. I think the squirrels snuck away with the nearly-ripe peaches last year while we were away one weekend. I'd like to think it was them, and not neighbor kids hopping the fence. :D

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