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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do You DESERVE The Life You Want?


Do YOU.....DESERVE...the life YOU want?

Damn you, Bob Greene. Damn you for your fit physique and tough questions.

I have subtly and not-so-subtly started to brainwash my husband. It began a couple years ago...but don't worry! I only use my "powers" for good, and not evil. Ever-so-casually I will start watching a recorded (brainwashing) episode of one of my favorite shows while he's in the vicinity. He might be walking back and forth putting things away, or I might be in the living room while he's in the kitchen grabbing a snack. The cool thing about DVR is it gives you a short description of what the show is about, and who the guests are so you can sneak-attack your beloved without them even suspecting. The show just magically starts playing, and it just "happens" to be a worthwhile watch for both of us.

Many times I blindside him with the Oprah show...but not the sappy ones, but more like when sports heroes are on, miraculous horrific accidents, Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, and then the natural progression to Dr. Oz's own show. I don't know if my hubby is COMPLETELY oblivious to the fact I do this on purpose, but he's not complaining. And I think he really digs Mehmet...lots of good stuff there.

So, the other day he says to me: "Hey, did you see that Oprah show with Oprah's All Stars?"

Me: (shocked)

And he begins to tell me about how salt is tearing apart our arteries, and goes on and on and on...and how it's "still on DVR so you can watch it!"


So I chain myself to the treadmill and begin watching THE episode. It was a pretty good one, but the parts that stuck with me was a segment with Peter Walsh (the organizing guy with the cute accent) and Bob Greene (the health-fitness guy with the reality check).

Peter Walsh says this: Flat surfaces are NOT meant for storage.
Bob Greene says this: What do you want out of life.
Peter Walsh says this: Kitchen counters are NOT meant for storage. They're meant to prepare FOOD.

Of course. Of COURSE I do. I'm worthy. I deserve it. I am DESERVING. Why CAN'T I have the life I want?


Here's the thing folks: EVERYBODY can have the life they want. You, me, everybody. The key is: NO ONE hands it to you on a silver platter. When we don't have the life we want, there's a reason. No, the universe is not conspiring against me. It's as simple as identifying the "challenges" and overcoming them. Everything else is an excuse.

Bob: Motivation means you're ready to DO something. Not that you WANT something.

Ouch. That hurts. But, the reason why it hurts is because there's a ring of truth to it. I'm a pretty simple gal, and don't have a lot of material (heh...MATERIAL...buying fast....get it?) *ahem* MATERIAL wants...but I do WANT things for new countertops, a faster run, smaller jeans, more time to quilt are a few examples.

Peter: Sometimes people think that if they could just buy that one thing, or GET that one thing, things would just be better...and it's not. That's not where it's at.

Ouch. Again. Damn you. Damn you, Peter Walsh.

For a couple years now I've been pining away for new countertops. They were ugly when we moved into our home, and still are. I don't care about them. I want them to disappear and be replaced with sparkly new ones. But that won't happen for quite a while, and the same goes for tiling over our semi-ok linoleum that was not installed by the most accurate of folks. I don't care about IT either. I want it to roll itself up and whisk itself away and have ceramic tile march itself up the driveway and install itself neatly overnight. Since THAT won't happen for a while, what do we do?

Well, today I took Peter's advice and took my items that were "stored" on flat surfaces and put them in their place. Toys where toys go, purse where it goes (I had to declare a new home for it, instead of by the kitchen sink, ha ha!), moved the pile of bills from behind the butcher block and put them in the office. Didn't sort them, but least I moved them! And cleaned the kitchen really, really well. With an attitude of treating "my stuff" nice. The counters are what I have right now, so treat them like I own them. The floor is what we have now, so sweep and mop it like it's important. I even scrubbed the greyness from a couple drinking glasses that is hard water buildup. Now we have 3 "new" glasses, instead of me looking at them in dismay.

And ran 7 miles like I deserved it. :D

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