The Premise...

  • ***Make no craft purchases December 1, 2010 to November 30 2011
  • ***Use and create from existing supplies only
  • ***Small purchases to continue crafting (such as sewing needles) are acceptable
  • ***Trading items with others is legitimate since there's no net gain

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fabric Buying Update (or, lackthereof...)

Hi, My name is Rebecca and it's been three months since I last bought fabric.

(Hi, REBECCA!!!)


So, how's it been? Not too bad really. Within the first few weeks of this challenge, I was peeking at sales but really didn't have the "itch" to buy ANYTHING. I viewed, admired, and played the game of "What could this go with?" but really....I'm good. Every category, every color that I could want...I have right here.

In February I went through and organized what I had, and it was kinda like shopping in a way. Some things I TOTALLY forgot I had, and got a little thrill when I rediscovered them in my stash. Wheeee! So nice to see you, fabric! I'm so glad you're here! Sadly, during the sort, I also found that I had re-purchased a couple prints. Not a lot, maybe two or three, but geez...shouldn't you KNOW what you've got? Isn't that a sign or something?

Last week, I "filled" two carts online with whatever my little heart desired and then let the carts sit for days without checking out. At the one store, I vowed if their sale went from 20% off to 30% off I would be buying it ALL. Thankfully, Karma stepped in and that didn't happen. It's kinda like on Finding Nemo where Bruce loses his mind and chases after Nemo and Dorry? Yup. Blood in the water, in the form of a sale. With the cotton market as it is though, I'm finding what goes on sale is less appealing and more "sale" material. The stuff that really no one wanted, and not just an effort to keep the product fresh and moving. The other cart I probably would have checked out of, too. Except with the shipping, the sale price really wasn't a sale after all. Didn't need it, what's the point? Basically I just lost interest after it sat for a few days. Maybe that's what I need...a measure of patience or something. Not making a purchase right then and there, you know?

Right after the three month mark (this week) I "needed" to go to Joanne's to buy some size 8 DPN's to complete a sweater I'm working on. I browsed the fabric, and to my surprise it seems like Joanne's is getting with the times and adding some more hip fabric. Likely due to the buyout that was announced a few months ago. So, that was nice. Still, didn't really feel the *need* to buy some fabric. There was a section that was labelled "Quilter's Choice" or something like that which was 50% off...and I would have caved if I saw something, ANYTHING that caught my eye. In this section (other than some brown on brown dots that I bought elsewhere, months ago) everything was just a little "off". The margins of the patterns were not crisp like when you look at something from Moda, Amy Butler, etc. The fabric was thin, especially on the whites. Some of the prints just didn't have enough interest. Or were kinda kiddie themed...nope, just didn't do it for me.

I did, however, get sucked into sale templates. I'm pretty sure this falls under "no purchases" but I did it anyway. For $20, I got: 1 acrylic "cracker" template, 2 flexible border templates (for quilting), a set of six flower templates, a set of six heart templates (I'm thinking LEAVES not hearts though), and the DPN's.

Twenty bucks in three months? I'll take it. I *did* pass up the BOGO thread, but only because I couldn't tell if there was handquilting thread included in that. So, I'm no angel. Searched the yarn to find SOMETHING I really loved (even though I don't need any) and didn't find any I loved. I really like dyeing my own, anyway. The colors in the yarn section at Joanne's are kinda dusty or muted or something. Maybe old ladies like it that way. Maybe I'm too young to knit.

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