The Premise...

  • ***Make no craft purchases December 1, 2010 to November 30 2011
  • ***Use and create from existing supplies only
  • ***Small purchases to continue crafting (such as sewing needles) are acceptable
  • ***Trading items with others is legitimate since there's no net gain

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sale Shopping. Ugh.

My shopping.

I've looked at online shops since I started the fast. Just kinda took a gander at sales that well-meaning friends point me to. Usually my little heart would go pitter-pat at the sight of a sale, but so far so good. My resolve is still intact. Even Amy Butler fabric, which I generally adore, just got a "MEH" response from me. Perhaps the new line (PREORDER NOW!!!) is a little too 70's for me. Perhaps it's because it's so similar to the LAST line ("Love") that I still have neatly folded with the tags still on. Perhaps it's because since the LAST time I bought AB fabric, it's come to my attention that she is a bit of a bully when it comes to using her fabric and her "defending" her name-logo-design-whatever. I hate it when folks try to enforce end-use. I bought it, I can do with it what I want.

Anyhoo. So, so far so good on the fabric front. BUT...I almost made a faux-pas mere weeks into this thing. My chemical supplier for soap is having a super-slashing sale because they're moving facilities. A REALLY good deal. I can totally understand, who would want to move tons and TONS of hazardous material to a new site? Not me. And so, I felt a pang of....what? Well, the opportunity for a good deal, the fact that they NEEDED ME to help them out of a jam, and a feeling of belonging because they "invited" me to be a part of something. Heh. That's pretty warped isn't it? Maybe it's just consumerism.

Ultimately, I took a mental inventory of if I *needed* it, or just *wanted* it, and decided it was the latter. I may have to revisit this topic later in the year because I may *need* more supplies for soap. Fragrances, no. There's no way I can justify getting more fragrances. Because I've already done a lot of that, and I have a virtual scent emporium in the Soap Closet as it is.

I really need to take "before" pictures. But that would mean I'd have to vacuum all the fuzz from the sewing area carpet.

In other news: The cat knocked over the tree last night, and it is permanently broken.

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